Monogram Information

Monograms shouldn't be confusing. There are no set rules for monograms, however, there is some general etiquette that many people like to follow. Not sure what will suit your needs best? For your convenience check out these examples and options. 

Same Size Letter Monograms

Single men and single women use the first letters of their first, middle and last name, in that order.

Ex: Kelly Ann Smith would be “KAS”        or    Carl Lee Johnson would be “CLJ”



Large Last Name Initial in the Middle

Single men and women would use the first letters of their first, last and middle names, in that order. The last name is always the centered, largest font.

Ex: Kelly Ann Smith would be “KSA”        or    Carl Lee Johnson would be “CJL”



What letters are chosen for wedding gifts?

Normally, the monogram consists of the woman's initials, with her new last name initial in the middle. If, for the couple, you could use his and her first name initials and their last initial in the middle.


Engaged Couples

Traditionally a monogram will be of two letters and will be the first initial of the bride and groom.

 Ex: Kelly Carl would be "KC"                  or      Carl Kelly would be "CK"



Married Couples

The last name initial goes in the middle, and the individuals' first initials are on either side.

There are two different viewpoints here: One is that the wife’s first initial is on the left of the last name initial. The husband’s first initial is on the right, keeping with the theory that ladies go first (below left). This style is commonly used on linens. The other, more traditional, view is that the husband’s first initial is first (on left) and the wife’s first initial is last (on right), as in Mr. and Mrs. (below right). Either style is acceptable and can vary depending on the couple’s personal preference.

Ex:  “KJC” Kelly and Carl Johnson       or          “CJK”  Carl and Kelly Johnson



Married Women Individually

It is tradition for the woman to use her married last name initial as the middle initial in three-letter monograms, with her first initial on the left and maiden last name initial on the right.

Ex: Kelly Johnson Smith "KJS" (Smith as maiden name)


Married men or women could also use their first name initial, married last name initial, and middle name initial.

Ex: Kelly Johnson Ann (Ann as middle name)


Same-sex partners

They have more flexibility in options and can follow any of the rules above. If both are keeping their last names, both first initials of partners’ last names are used together as the last name. They can also add their first initials on either side of the last name initials. So if Kelly Ann Smith and Carl Lee Johnson were same-sex partners, their monograms would be either of the following:

Ex: Smith Johnson "SJ"                    or                Kelly Smith Johnson Carl "kSJc"       



Stacked Monogram

This type of monogram traditionally has the first initial and middle initial stacked on top of each other on the left hand side. The last name initial is normally to the right and larger.   

Ex: Carl Lee Johnson